In addition to what I post three times weekly here at Generous Matters, you can find more of what I have to say about fundraising and board governance in the sources listed below.

9780787948290_p0_v1_s260x420Growing Givers’ Hearts: Treating Fundraising as Ministry, co-authored with Thomas Jeavons, Jossey-Bass Publishers, 2000

Reader’s Endorsement

Growing Givers’ Hearts, has been a mainstay for my philosophy and practice since it was published in 2000. Each chapter in my personal copy is underlined with notes in the margins about which part of my practice it relates to. I have summarized each chapter and use it for training new fund raisers and board members who are engaging in relationships with donors for the first time. I can’t recommend her work highly enough! – Denise Kuhn, CRFE

Growing Givers’ Hearts is a must-read for Christian fundraisers.”  – Wally Kroeker, editor, The Marketplace: MEDA’s Magazine for Christians in Business

“This is an excellent, insightful, and inspiring work. I would make it required reading for any student of fundraising or aspiring newcomer to the profession.” — Larry Matthews, Senior Consultant, Ken MacLeod & Associates, Inc.

“For any church leader who wants to move beyond “talking about money” to promoting genuine stewardship, this book is a very helpful resource.” — Joel Snider, Pastor, First Baptist Church, Rome, GA, for the Baptist Center for Ethics


“The Essence of Growing Givers’ Hearts” a chapter in Becoming a Steward Leader: Fundamentally Change the Way You Think, Lead, and Live, Christian Leadership Alliance, 2012

“Where Faith and Governance Meet: The Board’s Role in Growing Givers’ Hearts” a chapter in Revolution in Generosity: Transforming Stewards to Be Rich Toward God, Moody Press, 2008

“The President’s Role in Institutional Advancement,” a chapter in A Handbook for Seminary Presidents, co-authored with C. Samuel Calian and Father Robert Leavitt, Association of Theological Schools, 2005

“Developing Faithful and Generous Donors: The Ideals and the Challenges,” a chapter in Taking Fundraising Seriously: The Spirit of Faith and Philanthropy, co-authored with Thomas Jeavons, New Directions in Philanthropic Fundraising, Number 35, Spring 2002

“Beyond the Bottom Line: The Trustees’ Role in Advancement,” a chapter in Advancing the Small College, CASE/CIC Publications, 2001


The Road Best Traveled: Mapping the Board’s Journey Toward Shared Governance,” In Trust: The Magazine for Leaders in Theological Education, Spring 2012

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The Board’s Responsibility for Self-Assessment” (Part II), In Trust: The Magazine for Leaders in Theological Education, Summer 2006

Beyond the Myths: Motivating for a High-Performing Advancement Board,” Seminary Development News, Spring 2002

After Thank You and Good-Bye: Holding Onto Board Members’ Hearts