Board Education and Development

If you’re interested in integrating faith and board governance, you’ve come to the right place. I’m a longtime evangelist for board work as ministry. I’m also a stickler for excellence in governance.  When board members serve in God’s name, nothing but their best will do.

I promise the best possible counsel. In return, I expect your best possible effort. With this as our starting point, we can achieve great things for your organization, including:

  • Engaged and enthused board members
  • A strong CEO/board partnership
  • Well-framed board policies
  • Organization-specific governance metrics
  • Board involvement in fundraising
  • Mission fulfillment with economic vitality
  • Governance that brings glory to God’s name

BASINGER CONSULTING can tailor a consulting or coaching plan that’s right for your board and organization.


From a one-day workshop to a multi-year coaching relationship, BASINGER CONSULTING provides counsel as you need it, in the form you want it, and on your time line. Most of my work with boards fall into one of the following four categories:

1. Consulting. In a single visit or over a several month time frame, I assist you in working through a pressing governance challenge with counsel that’s tailored specifically to your organization.

2. Coaching. Together – sometimes in person, more often by telephone or Skype – we’ll design and implement a board education plan that will move your governance practices from so-so to spectacular. Change that sticks takes time, so these are longer term partnerships, with contracts continuing over several years.

3. Mentoring. Give the new CEO or board chair a strong beginning with one on one mentoring. The mentor program includes two- hour monthly telephone or Skype sessions and anytime email access.

4. Seminars, workshops, and retreats. Not every issue requires a full-scale contract. Sometimes a one or two-day consultation is all it takes to achieve greater success in board governance. Working with you with, I’ll design an engaging, interactive event that’s specific to your issues and which culminates with a next-steps plan of action.

Other services available from BASINGER CONSULTING include board assessment, CEO evaluation, and succession planning.


The easiest and surest way to reach me is by email at From there we can set up a telephone or Skype conversation.